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Bright Green Business Placements

Bright Green Business can help your company or organisation hire a student or graduate to work on a short term project. A placement is a fantastic way to engage with some of Scotland’s brightest, most dynamic students and graduates who can help move your business forward. Our placements are usually between 8 and 12 weeks long depending on your requirements.

Our programmes run all year round and our network reaches out to students and graduates from universities and colleges across the country (and beyond) allowing you to harness their skills through a structured placement.


Our placements are aimed at helping advance any project that has lacked time or resources.

We run the Environmental Placement Programme (EPP), a programme that places candidates to undertake projects that have an environmental focus. The projects vary from environmental management and carbon behaviour strategies to active travel, waste management and community engagement.

We are also happy to help accommodate other types of placement project as well including areas such as marketing, event, IT and engineering.

The Process

We will help you put together a project specification and advertise it for approximately four weeks on a variety of different websites and social media platforms. The length or this period is dependent on how urgently the role needs filled or how specialised the position is. We sift and match candidates according to knowledge, skills and experience. We put together a shortlist of candidates who fit your requirements and then it’s over to you to interview and select the candidate that is best fit for your organisation.

Bright Green Business tries to keep things as simple for you as possible. We arrange interviews, organise contracts and payroll and provide them with a mentor to help support them through their placement.


The costs vary depending on the size of your business. Please get in touch for more information. To hear more about our other services please go to our Bright Green Business website.

Bright Green Business Placements